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IDS Lightning Talk on SUNYONE

SUNYONE is a pilot project of collaborative collection development for purchasing titles not currently owned in SUNY libraries. I've been involved since the beginning and recently gave a Lightning Talk about the project at IDS.

The link below should take you to the Google Doc presentation slides that I used. I suggest viewing the presenter notes for it to make any sense at all. ;) Go to the Actions box on the lower left hand part of the window. Choose Show Speaker Notes. Enjoy!


The Mummy Rises @ the Library

The Mummy Rises @ the Library
Originally uploaded by Amerk.
There are days that I am firmly convinced that Technical Services folks have all the fun. Today was one of those days. Take a gander at our latest library acquisition...

No guesses?  Look here for the answer.
There is always excitement in a library. It doesn't always sound like a gunshot hitting glass, but sometimes it does.

No one was hurt, except for the window and perhaps an ego or two.
It was more effective at waking everyone up than a pot of coffee. The downside to that staff-alertness method would be the cost of repairing new windows everyday.