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Conference Keynote Summary

Library -2- LMS COCID Keynote
“Putting the Library in the Student’s Hands: Resources and Help through the Learning Management System”
Elizabeth J. Pyatt and Loanne Snavely, Penn State

At Penn State, “Putting the Library in the Students’ Hands” involves seamlessly linking existing resources through Angel using a Library Resources nugget that is native in all Angel courses. The exception to framed linking includes their home-grown Angel templates for creative native Angel research subject guides.

An impressive template system with drop-down menus that include all needed information for proxying students into library resources makes subject guide creation simple. Penn State’s cascading priority system assures that the most appropriate level guide available is displayed to the student. They have a cascading hierarchy of College, Department, Course, and Specific Course Section. Online tutorials are just a click away in the Angel guides.

Penn State’s success was built upon early participation in design with both library and IT. Angel Library resources have become very popular with professors and students, especially since students no longer have the excuse that they can’t find library resources. The development of resources hasn’t stagnated. Penn State’s Facebook application and use of Zotero are just the latest example of ways to push library resources into students’ hands.
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