HockeyLibrarian (hockeylibrarian) wrote,

Made it to Potsdam

We got in just shy of 11pm. Checking in in under 15 minutes to avoid parking tickets was not a problem.

Thanks to the two guys who helped with the luggage. They got more then they bargained for when they offered to help since I'm on the third floor. I hope that they enjoy the wine. Which would require them finding a corkscrew since I didn't give them one of those...

The room is pretty nice for a dorm room. I'm pretty sweaty from the stairs. Getting my fan plugged in was my first priority. Bathrooms are sparkling clean and the kitchenette looks quite useful. Lots of yummy goodies are in there too.

I've got the room set up. Glad I brought the NetworkCableThatAteTexas, but not sure it will be useful outside the room. I noticed 2 orange coloured network drops in the knitting lounge, wonder if they're active? I'm also glad I brought a sleep mask, lots of ambient lighting from outside but I am not into cutting off air circulation by closing the blinds.

I really should set an alarm and turn in. 8am pre-conference, here I come...
Tags: potsdam, sunyla2008

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