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Shovers & Makers

I'm very pleased with the LSW Shovers & Makers concept. But, it's given me a classic HL professional dilemma.

How to pump yourself up, without sounding conceited while ignoring that little voice that says you aren't all that hot, you just have everyone else fooled.

So I'm going to use this as a forum for a brain dump.

Ways that I shove:
I have to shove that little haunting voice to the side that says I've got the world fooled. This voice has been with me awhile. It was at it's loudest my senior year of college while I stressed over an honor's thesis and spent many a sleepless night locked up somewhere trying to write. Strangely, when that voice was the loudest, was the exact moment I realized I wasn't alone. My co-honor's program conspirator fessed-up that she felt the same way. Here we were, Honors Program, English majors that the department had given special honors to, and we were both convinced we'd fooled everyone and weren't really that smart. Years later, when my mother went back to college, she expressed those very same fears to me. What a silly thing for the smartest most talented woman I know to think, yet she felt that way too.
Of course, the hidden conceit in thinking you had the ability to fool all the highly educated folks around you is something I hadn't considered at the time. But, I digress.
Basically, I've learned to shove that voice aside, and to know that I'm not the only one who thinks that way. Hopefully someone else will now know that they aren't alone either. It occurs to me, that perhaps this voice is what allows the conceit to stay away. Self-doubt just has to be kept in check, so you don't become paralyzed by it.
(Please note, I wasn't a psych major. ;)

Shoving the "it's always been done this way" out the window. Now that requires a slightly different shove, not quite as violent as the one needed to curb your feelings of inferiority. No, this shove is a little more steady and reasoned. Start out by truly understanding the "way it has always been done" while looking for places to improve. When you can prove how changing is better, you've done most of the muscle work. The flip side, is that if your way fails after a decent trial period, you have to be willing to shove your pride to the side and go back to the other method.

Ah, my favorite kind of shoving would be putting other people in the limelight. This is where I can give all the well deserved praise I want, without feeling guilty! I'm surrounded by a group of great people who are themselves shovers and movers and are capable of making great things happen. I try to tell them how much their efforts mean to me, and to our patrons. They're also great at taking ideas I shove at them and turning them into reality.

Moving... Well, I move myself to do what needs to be done, no matter the type of task. Admittedly, I may move a little slow at times, procrastination being something of a way of life. But I always pull through in the end.

Constant moving and re prioritization of tasks is critical and something that I feel I handle well, most of the time. I don't know that I've ever experienced a day at a library where everything went just as planned, all my to-do's were accomplished and I didn't have to put something aside mid-task. I'm not sure how I'd feel after a day like that, other than pretty sure the end of the world was nigh.

Hrm, so I need to move on with my Saturday, and I still don't have that smashing entry for Shovers and Movers. But, I've thought about it. So that's a start.
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