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ALA Partnering with OCLC for Selection & Cataloging

I'm glad to see from the handouts that the ITSO CUL WorldCat Selection is the first topic of conversation.

David Whitehair:

Itso Cul buttons & brocheurs available.
WorldCat Selection. (new name) It's So Cool.
Doesn't change relationship with material vendor.
Selectors can view records from multiple vendors in one system and then can pull those selected records from WorldCat to load into the ILS.
Vendor records are loaded into WorldCat.
Vendors notify OCLC of notification items for individual libraries along with additional vendor data. (IE notification slips based on previously selected options with vendor)
Selectors can see all the records from all the vendors or may choose to search by vendor.
Selectors Review assigned fund codes, location codes, price, etc... (Vendor may supply default fund codes etc., selector than may change the defaults
Select, Reject, or forward to another selector (user). defer. (Defer has customized listo f reasons so you can go back and look at them. (Might come on approval, Not enough $ in fund))
Acq staff export the selected records from all vendores and then loads them into ILS completing the order electronically within the ILS. (It doesn't create the order for you)
May set WorldCat holdings automatically (immediately or based on a delay defined byt the library).
If selector information is not included with the vendor data, records are distributed to selectores basedon keywords defined by the administrator. (He's a little fuzzy on it cause its not quite worked out yet.)
Can search world cat to search records and then send them off to your selectors. (Items added in last two weeks by LOC). ((Just working on this Thursday.))
WorldCat Collection Analysis output and send gap to the selectors.

First vendors for phase 1: Amateurs de Livres International, Blackwell's Book Services, Casalini ibri, Harrassowitz. More vendors to come.

Sept/Oct prob Oct/Nov timeframe for release. Example of table includes:
Date Added, Source (Vendor, WorldCat, Coll Analy), Held (Y, D (Delayed), N). Author Title Publisher Date Call No Fund. Can flag and reject or accept in groups.
May set up default to either search or table as described above.

Individual record price. Fundcode, location, defer reason, forward to all dropdowns at the top of the screen.

Will remember your default reason for Defer. To the side you have Select, Reject, Defer, Forward, Save, Delete, Cancel. Hotkeys in IE to allow less clicking.
OpenWorldCat look title etc. in full detail.
Vendor: Shows you that its from what Vendor. Details of Vendor area are still not worked out yet. Possibilities: Might have id# from the vendor way to go to that record in the vendor system. Price and anyother evaluation content the vendor might have.

Up to three areas that you can have as note type areas as set up by the administrator. IE Note: Binding (dropdown Paperback prefered, Hardcover preferred, Not Specified).

Very bottom shows if the record came to multple selectors at the institution. Selector, Origin/Vendor, Status, Updated. Ordered file created for it was exported to the ILS, no tie back for followup.

Radio button besides ISBNs so you can select the right one for your type so that it will flip the order and put the one that is specified as the first one.

Delayed holdings = days 1-180 possibilities.

Pricing of the Service: Generally speaking... this is additional subscription outside of cataloging subscription. Run July to June. Will prorate the first year. Subscription based service.

Planned to make it so that per-fund code you can set a default price.

National bibliographies as well as publishers and vendors catalogs.
Individualized bibliographic services via profiles.
One platform vs. multiple systems.
Sunchronized awarness programs.
No loss of traditional vendor notification service. -Faster, no shipping of slips needed.
WorldCat Holdings setting can not be provided by vendor so it is an Enriched selection Tool.

Vendor implications:
Profile by selector fund or subject.
Prividing bib data.
Moving from paper notifications to electronic.
Helps retain high level of customer service.
That's why Harrosowitz thinks its a good thing to implement with libraries.

Cataloging Partners Program
both deliver records based on what you order from vendors
New Name WorldCat Cataloging Partners

PromptCat+Cataloging Partners.
No changes to current PromptCat people. New options on the horizon: 100% Cataloging due to Cataloging Partners piece. Extra Customization to records. (Public Libraris with Sears Subject headings)
Will will have people who current work with Cataloging Partners able to work with PromptCat process to have things done that people need to do.

PromptCat users group was to follow.

WorldCat Cataloging Partners no changes today. Will go through a transition. Will now be part of your OCLC cataloging subscription rather than billing through Cataloging Partners. Any current Partners participants will be contacted weeks before any changes occur. Time to talk about issues changes negotation etc.

New Vendor Partners and their Libraries.
Can start pretty quickly with them. Vendor will send OCLC info about what the library orders. Put through the automated process that is today PromptCat. If there are pieces missing, subject, no record, wrong call #s etc... we then send to the Partners people to get human cataloging done.

Additional charges for copies that require the human touch have yet to be hammered out.

Based entirely on what you order from a vendor. Could ie order all your russian titles with one fund code from a vendor and send those to WorldCat Cat opaloging Partners.

Turn around time on 100% is still be figured out. This thing changes about every two hours. Haven't quite worked everything out yet.

Records won't be delivered from a batch until all the records are available. If you subscribe to 100% option and it needs original catalog on any part of the invoice that invoice is held until a record is avaiable for all of them. Spit deliveries with invoice records.

Catalogers are OCLC employees.

Will be available to RLG as we merge.

Promptcat people hopefully available for July. Required to give vendors 90 day notification of service. 50 vendors between the two programs. List is available on Cataloging Partners page and PromptCat Page.

***AMAZON.COM is a promptcat vendor. Works different from the Rest of the world. Logon chose your records, yes you want them, do you want records with that? Who you want em from? OCLC smart order form prompts up. Will mirror what you have with other vendor info. Pulls together the information OCLC has. Will roll up to be the OCLC WorldCat Cataloging Partners order form.

Just under 80 libraries use promptcat with Blackwells. 300,000 records delivered last year. 175,000 labels to make the books shelf ready last year. Very stable service.
CIP Upgrade CIP records. We upgrade CIP records to full records. Useful to libraries buying very new items very quickly. All new titles to Blackwell are treated for CIP upgrade. Adhere to AACR2 and Marc format standards. High quality for upgrades. TechPro is our contract cataloging that some libraries recieve with their orders... Allows us to provide 100% cataloging for orders. OCLC does the original cataloging. So new OCLC program has the impact of OCLC billing the library instead of Blackwell for the cataloging portion. Stability and a predictlble service.
Next 6 months Blackwell will roll out promptcat at time of order instead of the current promptcat at time of Invoice. Will make it easier to put full OCLC records in the system for order record creation instead of brief records to be followed by full records at time of invoice.

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