March 26th, 2007

Following the yellow brick road

AKA: Yet another post about twitter?

In the process of reading my morning feeds, with TTW at the top of the list, I find myself digging further through various topics and soon getting completely lost following a smidgen of an idea. (I think I count 7 Firefox windows open and at least a few of those are Google Readers).

Starting with this post by Michael Stephens, I end up over at Logic + Emotion
because I just attended a LAMA institute on marketing and the larger concepts are still floating around in my head. That leads my to a specific post which contains a slide show by Kathy Sierra in Slideshare. On slide 21, "Death by risk aversion" I notice that a "fantastic idea" must get past a fear stage before becoming an actual post.

I happily found myself twittering the discovery, "I get that!" Is fear a part of why I haven't been more prolific?

But then I had to ask the question, why was I willing to post that on twitter so fast? When normally I'd have the little 'ah-ha!' moment, (not to be confused with the 80's band) and continue on without sharing. Perhaps because I don't see twitter as something that employers will look to as 'published' work?

Maybe twitter is a 'gateway drug' for the more fearful crowd? We're sitting back working up our courage to share our insights, and twitter lets you stretch your legs a bit.