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Chronological either one date or a range.

LCSH to fAST conversion

Usually fewer shorter headings

Available. May be unavailavle for extended periods. This is not a production database. Hoping to improve reliavility.
Version of FAST is being applied and ecaluated in a few applications.

FAST subcommittee working with future devlopment

510095 PnMW
283581 cORPORATE
413709 TOPICAL ETC...

tOTAL FAST 1358,000+

Uniform titles facet
conference facet
Update and reshync with LCSH
expand giographic names baed on usage data and add from the GNIS geographic names and inofrmation system

Revise and expand helps.

Reduced elaborate rules. Vocabulary rather than application level
precoordinate and postcoordinate indexing and retrivealble
computer assisted indexing is more amenable
easier and ecomical to maintain than a highly specific...

LCSH VOcabular facedted heirachical fully
This guy went too fast (course I came in late) OCLC should have webthing of this look it up.

Quing Jin U ill Urbane

post-coordinated faceted vocabulary the right direction for a new system of subject cataloging and metadata.

FAST derived from LCSH for application to web resources with a simplified syntax.

Subject searches exhivit a high rate of failure
Complexity restrict its use beyond the cataloging environment
1998 OCLC developed system.

Fits dublin core metadata scheme
Topical headings can only be subdivided by other topical headings.

Facested Application of Subject Terminology.

Sub-committe looking at (ALA2005)
Scope of vocab and syntax, Marc21 authority formate
adequacey of the FAST documentation
Other relevant topics.

Looked at 5000

Types of headings:
Corporate Name

Committee feel that the fast headings as a group do cover the "aboutness" of an item.
Some headings when deconstructed do lose meaning.

LCSH Mexico History European intervention 1851-1867

FAST European intervention

Geographic items: Some covered the whole some only covered part. Geographic headings are baed onGAC code and are confusing. Middle East =Palestine (because it indicates the historical palestine_ vs. Jordan which doesn't need middle east cause it has a GAC

1900-1999 instead of 20th Century FAST headings have the weakness of losing context when they are broken up into short headings. More reserach is called for to describe what is lost and what is gained with a switch from LCSH to FAST.

deconstructing LCSH to fit new dublin core metadata is the way to go.

ALI Taylor.

Comparing Keword Searching USeing FAST vs. LCSH
OCLC created a test database of bib records. Each record had LCSH and FAST headings. Fast translated from LCSH acording to schema.
Two indexes were created one for each.
1. Newspaper search in home state (with abbrv. state)
Searches are almost always different in both indexes. Searcher usually spells out state name when putting in the search.
A record about newspapers will have an LCSH subject heading with an abbreviation and thus not show up when searcher types in the entire state name.

117 records found doing LCSH but not Fast. Because Fast does not translate invalid LCSH subject headings. New way of matching will maintain correct headings and strip incorrect sub-headings and will increase the results again. Subfield x and v not being indexes was also a problem that has been corrected.

FAST requires Names to be in the Name Authority File.

Real differences (listed on handout on table 2, I'll grab one on the way out the door)

Politics and government is changed to political science.
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