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Maplewood Library coverage goes national.

Imagine my surprise when in the USA Weekend Magazine I ran across an article on the infamous Maplewood N.J. library situation.

I read through the mag as part of my attempt to stay current with popular culture. Since I don't have cable TV, watch much more than PBS & Grey's Anatomy, or listen to top 40 radio, I consider it an important tool. ;)

That being said, Peggy Post's take on the situation is very interesting. It all boils down to, show respect for your teens/children/patrons needs and they will show you respect.

What a shame that the respect for "a 12 -year-old's need to be somewhere that's safe and social after school" ultimately came from the town and was seperated from the library.

As a side-note, please don't dismiss me as an un-clued academic librarian. I've spent time working in small-town and suburban libraries. I've been a page, clerk, closing supervisor, children's librarian and part-time reference librarian. I'm tuned into many of the public library challenges. Indeed, I think public and academic librarians should give each other more respect. We have so much to learn from one another.
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