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Appealing to your target audience...

We just had a great meeting with the Rochester Ad Council who is doing a communications audit of our library. Within the discussion we had to decided what was more important, increasing usability of the library or increasing usage. As a whole it was felt that the usability of the library would trump usage when it comes to prioritizing.

With freshmen established as our first priority 'audience' or 'target segment' when it comes to communications. As you are well aware, communication is invasive in our lives and libraries. Everything from signs, to press releases fall under that category.

Our Archives Librarian noted the tendency of librarians to use library-ese or library jargon on their websites. My brain started to click. If I go MIA, the following thought would be responsible:

What if we were to re-label the reference desk with a sign that says "Library Wizard"?

The thought germinated as I ruminated on the Apple Genius Bar concept. I tossed it around trying to come up with an alternative that would mean something to our incoming students. The old concept of the IT wizard seemed relevant. With Harry Potter as such a touchstone, and Wizards commonly known as ways to make doing stuff easier, it seems like such a fit. It would also work well with combined library/it desks if labeled "Information Wizard" or something to that effect.

I'd love some feedback on this idea.
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